Standardised Suffocation

Encouraged or forced? A fine line exists between But with this boundary so frequently broken, such trespassing goes unseen Pressure to please, at the sacrifice of self-ease Pressure to not only meet, but exceed expectations Backwards, vicarious fulfilment, obfuscating their own limitations Proverbs say our decisions define us What? Decisions made by minors? Of which we cannot shake, whether it be career-shaping, incriminating, family reputation-tearing stakes Lifelong vocations reduced to mere paragraphs on transitory screens Judiciary, finance and medicine will guarantee the evergreen Are teachers trained to omit all other life options? WE WANT YOU and the sealed lip of a reluctant buyer at auction

Letter to my 20s: resolve gleaned from my teens

Adult status is inching near, is it time to emancipate from juvenile fear? Unprecedented antics, fun and frightening on the horizon, which must be embraced with light, an undimmed inner siren.  Chase feeling in all crevices, and dispel joy-thieving comparison. Rid yourself of petty races, secure your pace in the grand marathon.  Cushion in childish comforts when the volume gets astronomical, your future-informing past is there for counsel or just to recall something comical. All of it possible, merely clock-in to the internal register to get things going, the hours beyond will navigate themselves, so exude your purpose and then it's the universe that's owing. 

Thank you for the shelter @badgalriri

Influence is a natural by-product of your spirit, for 14 years you have refined me Saw you first on a chunky screen, of my fully formed being, that would be the racine In the crevice of a motel room we locked eyes as the rain engulfed you; I was gifted a new lens to look through Re-evaluating what was being served to me, you introduced me to the concept of degree 7 formative trips round the sun I had seen; this was the most profound epiphany I would ever glean A gateway drug is your incandescent presence, it led to my greatest natural high, a confidence and power coalescence Ownership in our dynamism was something bereft, I cannot imagine the cultural tapestry without your rich stitching, we are the sum of your artistry RRF

Words During Covid

This is our final word prompt for now. Thank you for sending us all your responses! Regenerated by the sweet peas in the midst of weeds— same purple as smoke, like smudged paper— for the first time: shallow memory, even in this rolling year, the thunder days— I grow a garden that was not there before. to that yellow-green courgette. Surrendering to soil’s sweet significance + loafing Admit one, and keep the rest away. I no longer resent my own company...solitude is groovy! With a sensor

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